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We are conducting our online courses on Google Classroom, by uploading videos of lectures, questions, quizzes, and explanations prepared by our tutors and teachers into Google Classroom. You might ask, how are these educational stuff of ours different from those of the others. Well, unlike live lectures which you have a strict timetable to follow, for our courses, as they are uploaded to Google Classroom, they are always there for you, and you can study anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.


English, a great tool of communication you can use it almost everywhere. Join our course, master this language, and lead a better live.

Bahasa Melayu

In Malaysia, as a malaysian, the ability to speak Bahasa Melayu is one skill we ought to possess. Come learn it in the most effective way.


Everything around us, from the tiniest atoms to the boundless universe, they are all about science, aren't they. Come explore it with us.


Mathematics, numbers, Logics, like it or not, we are using them on a daily basis. Get to know it better, and make your life easier.


The most spoken language now in this world. Contrary to popular belief, it is not that difficult to learn. Join us now and pick it up.


One of the major branches of science, it deals with the composition, properties, structure, and reactive characteristics of matter. Learn it now.


The study of living things, covering the cellular basis of lives, genetic basis for inheritance in organisms. It's not that hard. Follow our steps and learn it the easy way.


What is longitude? What is Latitude? How much do you know about the land and the earth you are standing on? There is no harm in learning new things, come now.


Concerning the interactions of matter, energy, space, and time, especially focused on fundamental mechanisms underlie every phenomenon. Interested? Join us now.


"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future" - Theodore Roosevelt. Dive into the beauty of history with us now.


No matter what kind of struggle we are facing, we should always be kind. Join us and share us your thoughts.

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